Once the match is finished it’s time to fill out your match report to go straight through to Full Time. If you've used the live match view for the game then you can go straight into your match report after confirming full time at the end of the fixture. 

It's important to get all of this right first time as lots of leagues have a rule where they lock the result and statistics after the first match report submission. A completed match report page should look like the below.

Head to the ‘Matchday’ tab of the fixture and then select 'Match Report'

Fill out the referee marks and the FA marks, which include judgement on respect, the opposition team and the quality of the pitch. Remember to select 'Save Marks' at the bottom of each page. 

Once that is done your ‘Submit Match Report’ button should become available and you will be able to submit your match report straight through to Full Time.

If you also use Matchday to pay your subs, and have a correctly set-up pay as you play fee in Payments Portal, then you can get your players to pay straight after submission.