If you are part of a Staffordshire FA affiliated football club, please speak to your Club Welfare Officer before starting a DBS process. Some clubs have their own verification process which may be quicker and easier than completing a DBS through Staffordshire FA.

If your club cannot apply for a DBS for you, you'll need to;

  • Go to gbg.onlinedisclosures.co.uk & click on REGISTER.
  • If you have NOT been provided with an organisation PIN and secret word by the Club you volunteer/work for then you can use the Staffordshire Football Association details:

            ORG PIN: 102298

            ORG NAME: 1Staffs CFA

            SECRET WORD: Pottery (capital P)

  • You will be asked for personal information such as full name, full address, contact telephone numbers etc. You will also be asked for details such as your National Insurance Number, Passport and Driving Licence details. You will need these documents ready.
  • If you know your FAN number, please add this to the Personal Reference Number Field.
  • Once you SUBMIT your application you will select a verifier - this will depend on what League/Area/Role you are in.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to contact the verifier and arrange an appointment.

At this appointment you need to bring the ORIGINAL documents you indicated as available. This information is then submitted on-line, payment is made using your debit/credit card and the necessary and relevant checks take place.

A certificate is then issued to the applicant ONLY, at times the FA may need to see a copy of this certificate and will write asking for the original to be sent to them within a specific amount of time. Failure to send this WILL result in a suspension from football-therefore it is vital that if you receive the letter you respond immediately.

Cost for volunteers: £10*

Non volunteer fee: £54

For more information regarding FA Specific DBS Checks please contact Designated Safeguarding Officer, Jan Scott:

(E): Jan.Scott@StaffordshireFA.com

(T): 01785 256994

(M): 07969 294023

Alternatively, please contact: onlinedisclosures@gbgplc.com or 0845 251 5000.

*Please note, referees up to and including level 4 are classed as volunteers